3 Best And Top-Graded Riding Bikes For Adventure Lovers

A person riding a bicycle with a sunset in the background

In the contemporary world, there is a growing trend of riding bikes. Long highway rides are coming as a new norm among various riders. Now, even a new young rider yearns to ride with friends and explore various beautiful destinations. It has led motorcycle manufacturers to manufacture touring friendly bikes in a varying range of budgets. Several affordable bikes are perfect for long rides whose price starts from a little more than 1 lakh and goes over 10 lakh for premium customers who want superior features riding bikes. Not all bikes are perfect for long rides since long-range, rider comfort, and windblast protection is not present on all kinds of riding bikes. However, the priority for a bike for long rides must be the rider’s comfort. The riding posture of the rider should be either upright or slightly lean back to continue riding for hours without feeling the need to stop or stretch your limbs. The second number in the list of priorities should be the protection from wind blasts. On highways, you prefer to ride at the speed of 80-120 kmph for cruising. 

Top-Listed Riding Bikes Of All Time 

A person riding a bicycle on a city street

Hero Xpulse 200 

Hero Xpulse 200 is the first long-distance riding bike in India and is also the most affordable one, available at just Rs. 1.13 lakh. It comes with a long windshield visor to protect you from high-speed windblast. This riding bike has a flat and long single-piece seat with enough space for the rider to move around while on the run. The seat for the pillion also has enough space for the passenger for long-distance riding. Hero did a remarkable job in sorting the ergonomics of the bike for the adventure lovers. 

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise 

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is a comfortable bike since it offers a lying back sitting position and raised handlebars. There is also a large windscreen visor to tackle with the high-speed windblast, and it reduces the exhaustion a rider might tend to feel without it. Any bike with comfortable riding posture and windblast protection can become a long-distance tourer, and this Avenger 220 Cruise excels in both these fields. The ride quality of this riding bike is quite comfortable and planted. 

Yamaha FZ25

It is no compulsion that all riding bikes need to be adventure tourers or cruise in shape and style to ride on the highways. Local bikes like Yamaha FZ25 are also an excellent substitute for long rides. It is pretty comfortable for adventures with an upright riding posture and a comfortable suspension system that can easily glide over any wrong section of roads on the highways. 


A man riding on the back of a bicycle

These fantastic riding bikes are the ones to choose from for your adventurous expeditions. I hope you found this article helpful and up to your expectations!

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