6 Best Electric Bicycle In The World

Best Electric Bicycle

Considering the new alternatives to public transport, the consumer base to buy the best electric bicycle continues to grow. People want to use a bicycle to commute. This is done in order to save the earth and the fuel as well. The electric bicycle comes in great help here. It allows you to travel fast without breaking any sweat. So here is the list of 10 best electric bicycles that you can consider for yourself.

Gocycle GS: The Future Of Best Electric Bicycle

The Gocycle is a foldable e-bike with its motor located in front.’ It has an enclosed chain that protects you from greasing your pants. The gear suspension works great on the patch roads too. It is a lightweight foldable bicycle weighing just 16.5 kgs. It is a smart bike and the settings can be controlled via an app on your apple or android device. The 500-watt motor allows you to ride at max 65kmph. This futuristic bicycle will cost you around 3000 dollars. It is helpful for mountain slopes and trails.

Best Electric Bicycle Guide
Best Electric Bicycle Guide

Budnitz Model E: A Lightweight Bike

This beauty has an aluminum frame and a removable motor and battery. It weighs 13.5 kgs only and this makes it a favorite bicycle for those who like lightweight cycling. The brand Budnitz is known for its unique designs and has done justice to this one too. The maximum speed is 20mph.

Tern GSD S10 Is The Best Electric Bicycle (Cargo)

Tern GSD is a beautiful combination of old school cargo bikes and the newest electric bikes. The length of this bike is the same as any other city bike but with a little extra weight of its own, it can carry up to 400 pounds. It has a max speed of 25kmph and weighs around 27kgs.

Cowboy Is One Of The Best Electric Bike For commuting

It has both a sleek design and an anti-theft mechanism pre-installed. This electric bike is a Belgian brand that has Gps features coupled with phone friendly connections. The battery is known to last longer and the bike runs at an average speed of 16 to 40 miles per hour.

Trek Allant Plus 9.9S

The trek gallant is a 6000 dollars electric bike that has a removable battery along with an optional 500-watt battery. There is an inbuilt display that shows various riding modes and all tracks your ride history. It has a lightweight carbon frame but still weighs around 50 pounds.

Best Electric Bicycle In The World
Best Electric Bicycle In The World

Greyp G6X: Favourite For Tech Lovers

It can be said that Greyp is a combination of robot systems and a software framework at it’s best. It also has a connection for e-sims which makes your bike internet-friendly all the time. The motor is sound free with an average speed of 15mph.


In times where electric bikes are both cool and a collective effort to control our environment from harm,f the demand is real. Choose the best electric bicycle and make the most out of it

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