A Guide To Learning How To Convert Bicycle To Electric

convert bicycle to electric

It will not only reduce your need for fuel but you will also be helping preserve our wonderful planet of ours. In this article we will explore a few options to convert your bicycle to electric.

Convert The Normal Battery Used On A Bicycle

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The first option is to convert the normal battery used on a bicycle into a store charged one. There are many types of batteries available and some of them are quite expensive. You can also find special kits that allow you to convert the entire battery system from normal to store or hybrid battery.

The second option is to make use of a DC battery adaptor. This device allows you to charge your bicycle’s power through the standard voltage of your vehicle. It means that you will no longer have to worry about buying expensive high capacity AC adapters. The adaptor plate is attached to the back of the standard bicycle’s wheel axle. It helps charge the power coming from the rear wheel axle as the bicycle uses its own power to move the adaptor plate.

A third option is to make use of a DC bicycle power cord. An AC to DC adapter plate is used with a high-powered DC battery. When the bicycle is charged, the AC current from the battery passes through the adapter and converts it to DC current. Thus, the AC current that you use to charge your bicycle is actually generated from your own household AC power supply. You can use household AC or you can use a specially designed power cord for your own personal use.

A Fourth Option Is To Use Bicycle Kits

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Such bicycle kits convert the bicycle’s pedals to AC current. In this case the motor that powers the bicycle is generally a small brushless motor that is powerful enough to charge the bicycle’s own batteries. These electric motors are available both as stand alone devices and as attachments to more expensive bikes. You can also get your own motor to attach to your own bicycle if you like.

The Deccan Odyssey

Another option available for those looking to convert their bicycles to electric is the Deccan Odyssey. This device converts your conventional bicycle into an all-electric vehicle by the use of a pair of Deccan Odyssey adapters. These adapters convert the standard bicycle’s drive unit (the wheel and pedals) to batteries that can be recharged by the use of an inverter. An inverter converts the DC current produced by the batteries into AC current. Thus, when the motor needs to run the AC current produced by the batteries is routed to the motor itself instead of being routed to the standard bicycle’s drive unit.

Last Words

There are many options available to those wishing to convert their bicycles to electric. However, it should be noted that in most cases you would need to obtain an adapter plate to be able to convert the drive unit on conventional bicycles to batteries that can be charged with the aid of an inverter. Similarly, in order to use the Deccan Odyssey you would need to have an adapter plate adapted to the bike you wish to convert to an electric bike. This allows you to use the device to charge the batteries of your other electric bicycles.

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