A New Electric Bicycle Trend Is On The Horizon

A person riding a bicycle on a city street

There is a lot of talk these days about the new electric bicycles that are sweeping across Europe and North America. These modern day e-bikes are a huge leap forward in terms of performance, convenience, safety, and value for money. It also represents a great opportunity for small start up companies to enter into the fast growing market of electric bicycles in the developed world. The e-bikes of tomorrow will allow ordinary citizens to have the same benefits as the professional cyclists of tomorrow. With the investment required to purchase an e-bike, you can be assured that it will last you a very long time and it will save you money on gas.

Semi-automatic E-bikes

A man riding a bicycle on a city street

There are two main categories of electric e-bikes. One of them is called the semi-automatic e-bikes. These e-bikes require the cyclist to apply just a few pedals and these produce a smoother and quieter pedaling rhythm. These e-bikes usually operate between twenty and fifty kilometers per hour.

The second category is called the top speed electric bicycle. This type of bike produces much like a normal bicycle when riding. However, in this case, the cyclist pulls a lever and applies even less force. The motor gives enough juice to make the bicycle reach the desired top speed. These e-bikes can reach speeds up to sixty to seventy kilometers per hour. With this much power, a new step-through version of the e-bike is now available in the US.

Equipped With Large Rubber Tires

A bicycle parked in front of a brick building

In the past, electric bicycles were equipped with large rubber tires which acted as the suspension. As technology advanced, people discovered that these tires did not perform well at higher speeds. New technology is now available which allows the use of smaller diameter tires. These newer tires give the e-bikes better grip and allow the rider a smoother ride.

The third type is the throttle range electric bicycle. This type of e-bike is similar to an electric motorcycle in the way that both are powered by one battery. In addition to providing greater speed capabilities, they also allow the rider to reduce throttle during tough hills. The new electric bicycle, which has been introduced in the US includes a throttle range feature.

Since electric bicycles have the capacity to climb steep slopes at high speeds, they are perfect for mountain bike trails. There have also been efforts to develop more powerful e-bikes capable of climbing moderate slopes as well. However, it will still be a while before these models are commercially available.

Last Words

As technology evolves, it is likely that electric bicycles will become more commonplace. The biggest change that may occur is where electric bicycles head towards in the future. Some experts believe that in as little as a decade, e-bikes will be as common as standard bicycles.

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