All you need to know about Bike Chain Tensioner

motor bicycle chain tensioner

A rear mech is contained in a bike which is made for gear. If you want to change the speed of your bike you need to shorten the length of the chain so that it becomes a slit slack. Job which a gear mech does not perform is performed by the chain tensioner of the motorbike. If you are looking for a chain tensioner for your motor bike and want to know what it is and how it works and what are the benefits of the chain tensioner then then you are in a right place to find out your queries and you can help yourself out if you want to buy a chain tensioner or want to know how it works.

Benefits of a Chain Tensioner-

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Drive torque is transmitted uniformly and chain slack is reduced with the help of a chain tensioner. It helps you to reduce the vibrations and noises or a Paye motorbike. Pulley belt and chain wears are all reduced and the life of the drive components are increased. For a long running continuous drive application with Limited shock and torque load, chain drives are the most reliable system which you can use.


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Some chain tensioners after installation are fixed in one place while some are not fixed while some provide various means of getting that installed. To retain the proper tension change tensioners operators are required by them to unbolt. Automatically tension as a belt or chain wear tensioners are acquired by these chain tensioners. With two opposing police, floating tensioners are mounted on chains or belts. The maximum tension rated to is sometimes specified by chain tensioners. When a tensioner has run out of adjustment and may require repositioning is indicated by end of travel limit switches for floating or spring loaded chain tensioners.


A variety of sizes, styles and materials are offered for this for a particular kind of chain tensioner. Temperature, maximum and minimum load both can be handled by the chain tensioners. Maximum chain pitch is an additional consideration when it comes to things about chain drives. Machinery and equipment, bicycle, conveyor belts etc all use chain tensioners and chain tensioners are also used for a number of other purposes.


Chain drive of single speed bicycles contains the most popular kind of Chain tensioner and this is the most recognised form of application of these chain tensioners. Sprocket and gear wheel contain these chain tensioners. Automotive chain tensioner as well as industrial belt and chain tensioner for transmitting power are some of the other applications of these chain tensioners.


After going through this article you will be able to distinguish what a chain tensioner is and what are its benefits. These chain tensioners are used for a number of processes and are helpful for you in a number of ways.

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