Are You An Avid Skater? Check This Protective Gear To Make You Feel Safer When Exercising!

Many boys, girls love the activity of moving on ice or the floor, after wearing special boots. These boots are roller skates or ice-skates. And, if you want to do comfortable skating, then you require good skating protective gear. Skating is an intensive exercise that will not only help you in burning calories but also you will feel extremely excited while doing it. Skating can be great fun, but you must have skating protective gear before doing it. It will keep you safe, and there will be very less chance of injury. Children below 15 must use protective skating gear; researchers have revealed that almost 60% of skating injuries involved children below 15. Therefore, you must have protective skating gear. 

Generally, long track and short track skating gears are different. For short track skating, you need – spandex skin suit, skating gloves, speed skates, protective helmet, knee pads, neck guard, ankle protection, and shin pads. You can also have protective eyewear. Skaters who do skating on the national level wear cut-proof suits of kevlar for their protection from the blade of other skaters during fall. You can also have this amazing and very useful skating protective gear.  

Skaters Must Have This Skating Protective Gear


  • Age Universal
  • Lining Moisture absorbent cotton
  • Shell material Wear-resisting PP
  • Color Red, Blue
  • Size S, M, L
  • Model Number HJ-05
  • Material: Moisture absorbent cotton + PP
  • Applicable sports: Riding, skateboards, roller-skating, cycling 
  • Package includes: (2) Elbow pads, (2) Handguards, (2) Knee pads
  • Size:

 S: 20 – 40 kg

M: 40 – 60 kg

 L: 60 – 75 kg

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  • This Protective skating gear will be very beneficial for you because it is made of breathable material that will protect you from getting wounds. And, you must have this protection while skating. It will ensure you are safe from injuries and accidents. 
  • This Skating gear will never limit your mobility and is very comfortable to wear. 
  • Having a helmet can seriously save your life. If you are doing skating outdoors, then you must have a skating helmet to prevent head and brain injuries. If you are competing, then protective pads are also very useful as they will reduce the risk of inevitable falls. 
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  • If you do not have protective skating gear, then you must not go skating outside because outside skating may lead to serious injuries if you do not have skating gear. 
  • If you compete and you are a trained skater. Then also, you need skating gear, which will increase your speed and chances of winning the competition.


A skater must have protective skating gear. Without gear, this activity is dangerous for you. You can buy this very useful and affordable protective skating gear.

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