Are You Looking For Trek Dids Bicycles

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Trek kids bicycles have carved a niche for themselves in the industry because of their awesome features and accessories. Most children who love to ride on rough terrains or hilly slopes desire to have a trek bicycle. Before you decide on a certain bike to buy, you need to read our guide to ensure you are investing in the right bike for your kids.

Trek Kids Bicycle Buying Guide

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Here are some features to check before buying the right trek kids bicycle:

Right Size

The size of the bike depends on your child’s current height and age. Most people buy a bike that is too big or bulky for their child, thinking that they can use it for some more years. But, we advise you all not to do that. It slows down a child’s confidence and learning capabilities. Bikes have to as per their age and height. The right bike makes a child feel confident and is also easy to maneuver. You can also find a company that lets you trade the bikes once your children have outgrown them. 

The right size of a kid’s bike is measured from the wheels and not from the frame. Adult bikes are measured by the frame. But, for your children, measure by the wheel diameter to get the exact bike. 

Once you have measured the wheel size, you need to measure the child’s inseam too. This will help them get comfortable on the bike and enables them to stand over and easily hop off.

Right Fit

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It is essential to get a good fit of a bike so that your child can learn how to ride easily. Riding should be enjoyable for your child right from the start. A right fit bike is one that makes your child feel confident and excited. 

Your child’s seat should be at the right height. You can keep adjusting it as your child gains more confidence and skills. Your child’s feet should lay flat on the ground when they are seated for their first balance bikes. Next, for their first training bikes, their toes should touch the ground.

The right knee position is related to the height of the seat. Initially, your kids should have their knees more bent so that they can easily place their feet on the ground. As they get more comfortable, raise the seat a bit so that they get better leg extension for pedaling. Also, ensure that your child can easily stand over the bike with their feet on the ground.

Best Bike Types

Trek kids’ bicycle range is large. You need to narrow down your options to choose the best one for you. Check the features and purpose of the bike to see that it matches your child’s skill level. 

A hybrid bike is generally the best for all-around riding. These are designed in such a way that they give ultimate comfort and confidence. You can ride on such bikes on roads, gravel paths and even while detouring across a lawn. Such bikes have tires that have traction for different surfaces.

You can also go for mountain bikes that have a rugged styling. These have parts that are specially designed to ride on bumps, rocks and dirt. Such bikes have knobby tires and suspension forks. If you live in a hilly terrain, you can consider investing in such bikes.

These are some tips on selecting the right trek kids bicycle. 

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