Best Kids Bicycle Brands – How To Purchase The Best Piece

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Getting a bike for your kid can be confusing, most importantly because there are so many brands to choose from. When it comes to your kid, you most definitely want a bike that sturdy, durable and lightweight. But along with that, the bike has to be liked by your kid, right? So many things to consider while getting a simple thing as the bike. But don’t worry, this is the perfect article for you. This article consists of the best bikes for your kids that are durable, lightweight, and most importantly, safe. Given below are some best kids’ bicycle brands you can consider. 

Best Kids Bicycle Brands 

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There are mainly three types of bikes, balance bikes, single-geared bikes, and multi-geared bikes. We will list down brands with every type for you to make a better decision. 

SpeedBird Cycles – SpeedBird Cycles are the best cycles that keep your child’s safety as the priority. These are the best cycles if your child is in the age group of 3-6. They provide high strength and very high durability. They also have a carrier and a basket in the front for the kids to carry water bottles. 

Strider -12 Balancing Cycle – As the name suggests, these cycles help your kid improve his/her balance. They are made of puncture-proof tires. The clamps are completely adjustable, the height of the handlebar and the seat height can be increased. They also have built-in footrests. 

Hero – Hero is one of the best kids’ bicycle brands with the huge amount of variety they offer. Not only that but they have multiple features that make the riding experience more enjoyable and safer. It is the perfect cycle brand for kids of age group 7 to 14. These bikes have front and back caliper brakes that provide maximum riding safety. The maintenance is also very easy as the mudguard keeps the cycle free from dirt. 

More Best Kids Bicycle Brands 

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BSA – BSA ladybird bicycles are the most perfect choice for girls. They have caliper brakes with a curved rod to assist with getting on and getting off the bicycle very comfortably. The bicycle will be very comfortable for kids of height 3 feet to 5 feet. They also have greater traction and reduced wheel hoop.

Beetle Panache – This brand is also one of the best kids’ bicycle brands. These are essentially designed for kids from 6 years to 11 years. They are extremely lightweight and the bike is very hassle-free which makes it perfect for your child. 


While getting the perfect bike for your kid from these best kids bicycle brands, make sure to take your child’s weight, bearing steering, size, design the factors that you keep in mind while making a decision. When you are purchasing a bicycle for your kids, it is important to know that it is going to keep them safe because they would want to ride the bicycle without your help one day and to make sure of this safety, you might want to rely on the best brands for sale. 

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