Best Kids Bicycle Games For Free Time Play

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Riding bicycles is one of the best and most healthy things. Children especially like riding bicycles as it gives them the thrill of speed, fun of different movements, a sense of control, and something that makes them feel equivalent to grown-ups. However, riding haywire on bicycles can surely become boring for them after a short time as some of the smaller kids won’t be allowed to go longer distances. This is where they can use some kids bicycle games to enhance the fun of the activity and reap more learning and health benefits from it. Here are some of these games that can help in making things interesting.

Obstacle Courses For Kids Bicycle Games

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Well, running through or finding the way out of obstacles can be a very learning experience, especially when it comes to bicycling. These obstacle course games are a perfect choice as a game to start with. All it will need besides the bicycle are chalks, cones, and some other hurdle instruments one can get their hands on. Players need to set up tracks and obstacles as per their choice and try to make their way through by riding bicycles. These games will help in developing motor neurons for driving and control along with memory and cognition.

Red And Green Light 

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This is among the oldest kids bicycle games to exist in societies. It is a game that can be played both on the bicycle and off it and helps kids in learning a lot about the traffic system and how to react to the realistic situations that likely arise on signals. It also actually brings in a lot of competition opportunities where kids can race from one signal to the other.

Bike Safari As Kids Bicycle Games

This is a kind of modern outtake on an exploratory bicycle game. It requires the use of smartphones as well as Digital Cameras to make the most of it. This is where kids can go on hunting rides and explore the areas all around them. They can also deploy some engaging games that require some great athletic skills. This game has subtle advantages like there is no limit to traffic, there is no limit to possibilities of inclusive games during the rides, kids can learn more social riding skills and memorize the map of the surrounding regions. Kids can even pair up with partners to get more fun out of their riding sessions.

Penny Racing

This is another very interesting kids bicycle games that incorporate agility as well as speed along with the test of throwing skills for a penny in a jar. All that is needed are again some jars, chalks, pennies, and cones. Pavements are set up using chalks and jars will be placed alongside them as kids ride and throw pennies in them.


Bicycle games can be very interesting, involving, adventurous, and healthy and provide a lot of learning and skill development. Incorporating these on vacations and weekends can surely help kids in bringing the best out of them.

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