Best Kids Bicycle Trailer – Which One Is Best For You

best kids bicycle trailer

Parents who are looking for the best kid’s bicycle trailer for their children’s bicycles should invest in a good quality product that has all of the features they need. Bike trailers come in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. Deciding which of these is the best choice can be a daunting task but it is not impossible.

Safety Reflectors

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For starters, parents should make sure that the bicycle trailer they select has safety reflectors and a safety flag in it. These two safety features will help to reduce the chances of a bicycle being stolen or ending up in the back of a truck or other vehicle. The flag and reflectors will be clearly visible from a distance and will alert anyone who might see the trailer to look for it.

Consider The Size

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Safety reflectors can be installed on a bike trailer no matter what its size. The most common type is the raised square flag that is installed at the front of the trailer. This has an overall size of four feet by two feet and can be installed in an upright position or on a trailer hitch. This particular flag can be lowered to a minimum of half-a-foot and it comes with a strap so that it can be secured in place. A flag with this same dimensions will also have a maximum weight limit of eighty pounds and it can only be used with bicycles weighing up to forty pounds.

The Installation

A safety reflector will be most effective if it is installed on top of a three wheeler. It is effective at protecting the rear wheel and will make the trailer less appealing to thieves. Safety reflectors are more appealing than standard ones because they do not have any hooks or other hardware. This makes them more difficult for thieves to pull off of the bike. They are also more noticeable and will cause less confusion as to why someone would want to steal your bike. A reflector that has a hook is not as attractive and is more likely to be taken by a thief.

The Payload

The maximum payload ratings are usually for adults. Two kids should be able to push a trailer with thirty pounds of weight. As the child grows, the maximum payload increases so that adults may be pushing around fifty or sixty pounds. Most bike manufacturers recommend a maximum payload of around fifty pounds for children who are under twelve years old. There is also a maximum payload rating for travel trailers that carry three or four kids. This maximum payload number usually corresponds to the weight limit on adult trailers.


Child safety is a big concern for parents when it comes to choosing a bike trailer. It is important to find a trailer that is certified for use by children under the age of 12. When a trailer is used by younger children, the weight limit will increase to fifty or sixty pounds. When the trailer is for older children, there are many factors that must be considered including how the child will maintain control of the bike and how strong the frame is.

A Five Point Harness

A five-point harness is the standard for most bike trailers. This five-point harness is designed to provide more safety when children are riding the bicycle. The five-point harness is attached to the seat belt using straps that go across the shoulders. When a strap is used, the buckle holds the harness in place. An added benefit of the five-point harness system is that the straps can be taken off to wash the bike if necessary. Some people who use a bicycle for transportation say that they prefer not to use the five-point harness system.

Wrapping Up

One of the biggest pros to the five-point harness system is that it does not need to be changed during transport of the trailer. The cons of the five-point harness system are that the straps can become loose and allow the trailer to tip over if the wheels are not secured properly. When a wheel is not secured, it can tip over if the trailer is being pulled uphill. Sometimes the wheels of the bicycle will be spinning when the trailer is in transport and this can cause the wheels to loosen slightly or slip slightly. This can cause some accidents.

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