Best Quality Kids Girl Bicycle To Get In 2021

kids girl bicycle

Most of the kid’s bikes look great but are hardly durable or decisive enough especially when it comes to girls’ bikes. But there are some genuinely good bikes too out there in the market. All you need is a bit of looking into it. To make things easier for you here are the best quality bikes for little girls who love to ride. These bikes are mentioned for distinct age groups as well. 

Bikes Right For Age Group 2 To 3

A person riding on the back of a bicycle

As per the height and weight criteria of average girls in this group, it’s best to get bikes between 12 to 14 inches. Strider 14x is one bike that is suitable for balancing. Its pedals have a decent build too. You can buy this lightweight bike for $150 or so in pink color. Park Cycles is another great pick but it’s comparatively costly. However, the bike gives multiple color choices such as orange, blue, etc. It lies in a price range of $215. 

Bikes Best For Girls Between 4 To 5 Years Of Age

A group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

For age group 4 to 5, it’s best to consider getting Woom 3. This bike is perfect for long rides and you can find it in beautiful colors like purple, yellow, red, and light blue too. Its lightweight aluminum frame is another good quality of Woom 3. As for the price, it’s available at $380 and more while Priority Start 16 at around $329 if you want something cheaper. Priority Start 16 is completely beginner-friendly and an excellent ride for the neighborhood. 

Bikes For Age Group 5 To 7

This is the age when 20 inches bikes are best suited and Schwinn Elm 20, as well as Priority Start 20, are the best performers in this kid’s bike category. Schwinn Elm 20 is budget-friendly, durable, and comes with a flexible seat too. On the other hand, Priority Start 20 arrives in purple and blue colors at a pricing of $370 above. It’s the perfect ride for diverse terrain. 

Bikes Suitable For Girls Between The Ages Of 7 To 10

For those on a tight budget, Decathlon Original 24 is the most reliable bike. It gives color choices of navy, pink, and light blue for $200. Secondly, Guardian 24 Ethos is another spectacular lightweight and safe bike in the market. 


Here are this year’s best-quality bikes for little girls. For age groups, 2 to 3, Strider 14x and Park Cycles are the most desirable bikes. Girls of age 4 to 5 will find Woom 3 and Priority Start 16 quite fascinating. For the third category of age group 5 to 7, Schwinn Elm 20 and Priority Start 20 are two terrific choices that one should consider. Lastly, if your child is between 7 to 10 then getting Decathlon Original 2 and Guardian 24 Ethos won’t be a bad decision

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