Bicycle Gear Shifter Types That Can Help You Drive Better This Time

bicycle gear shifter types

Riding a bicycle is one of the most amazing experiences. With a lot of technological advancement these days, even bicycles have upgraded. Nowadays bicycles containing gears are also available. Such bicycles not only provide more speed while riding but also make the ride more comfortable and increases the endurance of the rider on a long journey. In order to have this experience, one must learn bicycle gear shifter types. This sometimes can be a very confusing task. This article will deal with the types of gears in a bicycle and how to operate them.

It is the smallest chain in the bicycle gear shifter types that is present in the front and it is the largest cog wheel on the rear gears. This gear shifting is quite easy and it is suitable for climbing. In this position, the person can pedal very comfortably. This is most suitable while uphill climbing as it will provide the smallest amount of resistance. Coming into this gear position is known as downshifting.

Bicycle Gear Shifter Types – High Gear

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This is the largest chain in the bicycle gear shifter types that is present in the front and it is the smallest cog wheel on the rear gears. It is in a way opposite to the low gear in positioning and working. In this gear, pedaling is very difficult. So, it is suitable while traveling down the hill. This will decrease the speed of the bicycle and reduce the chances of accidents. Shifting into this gear is called upshifting.

Bicycle Gear Shifter Types – One-by Gear, Two-by Gear, Three-by Gear

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There are a lot of gears present in the bicycle gear shifter types. These are also known as chainrings. The number of chainrings present in the system of gears present on the bicycle determines whether the bicycle will be called one-by, two-by, or three-by. Generally, it is seen that the bicycles contain fewer chainrings in order to make them more efficient to use. This is the result of the reduction in the weight of the bicycle. But to make this possible, the number of cod wheels is increased.

Bicycle Gear Shifter Types – Shifting Gears In A Bicycle

Different types of bikes will have different bicycle gear shifter types systems. Bikes with drop handlebars usually have the shifters on the same level as the levers used to apply brakes. To operate the gear shifter, the lever has to be pushed sideways until a click sound is heard. Mountain and other hybrid bicycles with flat bars, the gear is shifted using set paddles that are operated using the thumb. Some bikes have bicycle gear shifter types that contain grip shifter and to operate them a dial placed below the hands is to be rotated in a forward or backward direction.


There is no such specific way of shifting gears. But what must be kept in mind while shifting any gear is to try to use the hand which is most comfortable. In most cases, it is found that the right hand is preferred. Always take care of the people around you while riding on the road or mountains.

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