Bicycle Handlebar Bag 6.5″ Phone Holder

Bicycle Handlebar Bag 6.5″ Phone Holder

Traveling is fun, but it is a passion for many people. Many people like to travel to many different places. They want to explore and even sometimes the details of the area.

So, they prefer to go slow while exploring an area. Many times, they prefer to use a bicycle to explore some corners of the city. However, they can explore the area on foot, but that might take a longer time. So, traveling on the bike would suit them best if they want to go slow and cover more distance.

However, these days, the requirement of phones for GPS tracking has increased. So, this bicycle handlebar bag can help the person in carrying their phones while cycling.

Bicycle Handlebar Bag Features

The major feature of the bag includes the availability of the bag on the handlebar.

  • The person can easily use the bag on the bicycle handlebar when they want to use the bicycle. So, while traveling on a bike, they do not have to worry about accidents because they can drive comfortably.
  • The product comprises of two sections. The top section provides a transparent cover that helps in storing and viewing the details on the phone. Also, the bottom part has enough circular space that the person can hold many things in it.
  • The person can hold their house keys, sunglasses, a pair of clothes, or any other financial item in their bag. So, this would also enable them to wear something that does not require pockets. Moreover, this section has the facility of zipper closure that helps in maintaining the privacy of the bag.
  • The person does not have to worry about sliding off the bag from the handlebar. The reason for this is the smooth and tight fixing of the packet on the handlebar.
  • The bag comprises of three Velcro belts that help in keeping the bag in place. The person can quickly fix the straps on the handle, and the tight-fitting assures zero slidings of the pack.

Technical Features

  • The material of the bag is the nylon that ensures durability and wears and tear. The content is waterproof and resistant proof. So, the person can use the kit in all types of conditions.
  • The dimensions of the bag are 35.5 X 4.5 X 14 cm, which is small enough to carry on a bicycle and large for carrying other items.
  • The bag can hold 1.2 to 1.5 liters of material. Moreover, nylon makes it light in weight, and it weighs about 110 grams only.
Bicycle Handlebar Bag 6.5″ Phone Holder
Bicycle Handlebar Bag 6.5″ Phone Holder

So, due to the small size of the bag, it would not hinder the vision of the rider. Moreover, it would also support the easy flip of view between road and phone for GPS.

So, the person can easily use the bag while riding, and they do not need to worry about concentrating on dual things. Moreover, the person can also use the bag for the external purpose.

For example, they can use the kit in cars also if they think that they need to carry smaller items. Thus, there are vast uses of the bag.

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