Everything About Bicycle

Bicycle: Learn Everything About It

Bicycle is one of the most common vehicles that most of us are passionate about. It is an effortless and convenient two-wheeled vehicle that makes life easier. Though you have to learn to balance skills, once you learn it, you can enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride.

Though bicycles are in use for many years, hence they hold a very long history. They are in use all over the world. Now, let us learn more about bicycles.

Bicycles are also known as bikes in many countries. People use bicycles for different purposes like traveling, riding, exercising, racing, and many more. One can pick it as per their own choice and need. So, for every need, there is a unique bike available in the market accordingly.

History Of Bicycles        

Bicycles were invented in the year 1817. The invention of this vehicle is associated with German Baron Karl von Drais. He was a civil servant in German at the Grand Duke of Barden. Though this vehicle was invented by Drais, so media gave it a name as Draisine.

This invention is no doubt quite old; so it is evident that bicycles went through the many transformations all these years. From wooden to the metal body, this vehicle saw a tremendous revolution.

In the early time, they were made of wood, but nowadays these bikes come in the market with various metal bodies. Wooden Balance bikes are an excellent option to buy for kids as they are safe for them. Also, balance bikes are one type of Dandy Horse bikes.

Bicycle: Learn Everything About It
Everything About Bicycle

Different Types Of Bicycle

Though bicycles are used for many different purposes. Here is a brief description of the different bikes for you and what purpose they serve.


This is a kind of cycle that is famous for mountain or off-road biking. The design of these bikes is similar to other simple bikes. But this bike comes with some unique features like full suspension, durable wheels, powerful breaks, flat handle, etc.

The particular gear system also comes to use in these bikes, so that rider can change the speed as per the situations like climbing or descending the hills both need different gear system.

Hybrid Or Comfort Bicycle

The hybrid bike is quite different from a simple bike. The handle of a hybrid bike is lower than the simple motorcycle. The handle is sort of flat styled. The chainset is also an amazing transformation in this bike. Further, the tires of this type of bike are robust enough to sustain on the rough courses.


These are the type of cycles that have the only wheel. The purpose of the development of these types of bicycles was to train the novice rider. In this way, he could learn to balance his weight on the single-wheeled cycles. These bicycles got so much rage at that time.

Everything About Bicycle


Before the entry of two-wheeled bikes in the market, there were some models of tricycles. These cycles had three wheels instead of two wheels.


Quadracycles come with the four wheels, unlike the other ones mentioned in the list. They had very specific models developed to allow more than one person to sit at the same time. These cycles were generally used for traveling a short distance.

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