Bicycle Seat Can Affect The Love Life

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle

Bicycle seat is not only uncomfortable but can affect the love life of men. It can cause numbness and pain in the bum and the penis. It is moreover essential to understand how does the saddle affects the rider, and to what extent? However, a bike rider while covering up long distances often rests the body on seat. It is the perineum that the rider rests on the saddle. The continuous pressure one exerts while cycling on the perineum region of the body causes numbness and pain. This also leads to the pressing of some nerves and blood vessels.

Bicycle Saddles With Tail Light For MTB: Waterproof Lights

Bicycle Seat Can Affect The Love Life

This ergonomic bicycle saddle for MTB is available with a tail light that helps cycling at night. Moreover, it gives signals to the others on the road that the rider is riding a bike. The seat also has shock absorbers that make riding the bike comfortable.

There are, however, three different colors available for one to choose from black-red, black-blue, black-green. The size of the seat is, however, is perfect with 2517.6 9 cm. Furthermore, the weight of the saddle is 660 gm, and it is made of PU leather. The fabric makes it waterproof and weather-resistant too.

What Problems Occur Due To Continuous Cycling?

Sitting on the saddle for a long time leads to numbness and long term damage. Moreover, this also leads to erectile dysfunction amongst those riders that have diabetes. As we all know, the saddle supports their weight and allows the rider to perform better. A seat is as essential for a bike as the wheels. This is, however, one of the most ignored parts of the bike. Therefore, a cyclist needs to choose a saddle that provides maximum comfort and ease while riding the bike for long-distance.

Importance Of Cushion Bike Seat

While in an aerodynamic position, a rider puts the entire weight pressure on the saddle. Therefore, the cushion saddles are very helpful. It also allows the riders to change their direction while being seated. Hence, the cushion seat provides maximum movement.

Bicycle Seat Cushion

The saddle with cushion is very comfortable for mountain bikers as they travel for long distances. Apart from comfort, it also improves the rider’s performance. It allows the riders to sit in the optimum position. Moreover, it reduces discomfort for them and eliminates any numbness in the hip area. It provides stability to the riders and supports a portion of their weight.

A cushioned saddle is of high-quality leather. Therefore, it is long-lasting and durable and free from any wear and tear. The cushion padding helps to give maximum support. It is waterproof and can bear the worst of the weather condition. Moreover, its design is unisex, that makes it perfect for both male and females.

The air vent in the center prevents the sensitive part from getting numb. However, the foam is comfortable and soft to touch. The size of the seat is 26* 21 cm. Moreover, the black color makes it ideal for any rider.

Bicycle Seat Can Affect The Love Life
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