History Of Bike

Bike: And Its Greater History You Must Know

We all know that bike is considered as one of the most common vehicles across the world. Apart from it’s less in cost and highly fuel-efficient – the riding experience makes it more cherished. The bikes around the world are commonly known as the motorcycle, motorbike, etc., though they may vary in design, cost, power, and model.

Bikes in the market differ from each other when it comes to specifications. Some of them are petrol driven, whereas others are diesel driven.

Although man is using a variety of machines since the last century, the new bikes were quite different concerning design. Though the journey of a bike has started as a vehicle with three wheels. After some time, it launched in a variant of two wheels. And the engine was very ordinary.

Bike: And Its Greater History You Must Know
History Of Bike

Power Of Early Bike

In respect of power, the first bikes looked very ordinary at the initial stage of invention. The engines of that time model were less robust. Hence, the style of the engine of the bikes in early times was very complicated. They were unable to produce a lot of torque on the bikes. It indicates that engines of old motorcycles were not so good.

Wheels Of Early Bike

The wheels of old bikes were quite weak and of different sizes. Hence, two-wheeler or three-wheeler bikes were fitted with the wheels with spokes. Also, these spokes were built of iron and provided in the hollow middle part of the wheels.

Steam Powered Bike

There were some steam-powered bikes in early times as that was the time of the steam engine. In this type of engine, steam was used to run the engine of the bikes. Water was used to create steam. Due to this, the bikes were built with a chamber for boiling water. These bikes were very less efficient and slow in speed.

First World War And Bikes

In the period of World War I, a lot of bikes were produced. Therefore, the reason behind this fact was the supply of communication with the troops in front. Horse riders were replaced in the bikes to help in delivering the messages quickly. For this purpose, a number of models were produced during World War I.

Bike In Modern Times

As the world kept developing, the demand and uses of the bikes also increased. There are so many leading companies in the global market today manufacturing bikes of different make and model. But out of them, Indian and Japanese companies are in the lead role. Some Chinese companies are producing a number of different functioning bikes.

Top Bike Producing Companies

Hunter Motorcycle, KTM, Hero, Lifan, Jawa, BMW, Bajaj, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Mahindra, TVS, Yamaha, Tomos, etc. are some of the names from the list of famous brands of bikes.

Different Posture For Bike Riders

The posture of a bike rider depends on the bike and its use. Although there are mainly two postures to discuss here for bike riders. These postures are listed below-


In this posture, a rider leans forward. This posture is generally for sportspersons.

Bike: And Its Greater History You Must Know
History Of Bike


Since this posture is meant for off-road riders. Hence, in this posture, the rider sits on the bike slightly in the leaning position.

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