Cheap Electric Bicycle – A Brief Buying Guide You Should Read

Cheap Electric Bicycle

Electric Bikes are often assumed to be jaw-droppingly expensive. But that is not entirely true. Just like everything else, Electric bikes have their range, they do have variants that are way above an average budget, but they also have a lot of variants that won’t dig a hole in your pocket. Here’s everything you need to know to find a cheap electric bicycle that perfectly fits your needs. Generally, the two things that one considers while buying an electric bike are the type of bike and, most importantly, the price.

Cheap Electric Bicycle Types

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There are a few types of Electric Bicycles to choose from. Every type has its own quality that distinguishes it from the others. To find your ideal type of electric bike is quite simple. You just have to know what type of bike matches your requirements.

Here are the different types of electric bikes:

Electric Mountain bikes

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric Road Bikes

Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric folding bikes

Electric fat bikes

Every type among the above stand out from each in some way or the other. Now, the question arises: Which one among these is suitable for you? As a beginner, an Electric Mountain Bike (popularly known as an eMTB) would be perfect for you.

Why An eMTB?

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Electric Mountain Bikes are usually on the inexpensive side of e-bicycles. But that’s not where it ends; eMTB’s are also great e-commuters. Hence, fulfilling the requirement of a cheap electric bicycle without compromising on any of the requirements or specifications. But the search doesn’t end here. There are multiple variants of eMTBs available in the market.

Guide To Buy The Perfect Cheap Electric Bicycle eMTB

Check for the battery capacity – Battery capacity of e-bikes is measured in watt-hours. As a beginner, this may be a little confusing. But that’s what this article is for. For example, if your bike’s battery capacity is 2500 watt-hours, you can expect it to last for about 25 hours.

Know the Motor Output of your bike – The Motor Output is, again, specified in watts. Now, you might be thinking, “What motor output is considered good?” Well, there is no good or bad in the motor output of the bike. Anything that ranges between 200 and 900 watts is ideal, relative to the usage.

The wheel size of your eMTB – A mix of 29″ at the front and 27.5″ at the rear is the most common wheel size on an eMTB.

The Suspension: The suspension of an e-bike plays a crucial role as it absorbs the bumps on the surface and maintains traction. Depending on the requirements and usage, the suspension ranges from 100mm to 200mm.

The Gear Range – Gears vastly affect the battery life of your bike. For daily usage, an eMTB requires a minimum of 3 gears.


Keeping these features into consideration, finding the ideal eMTB will be a piece of cake. With the right amount of knowledge, you will easily find yourself the perfect yet cheap electric bicycle that fulfills all your requirements and can be used for a considerably long time without facing any issues regarding the quality of your bike. Nor will you find yourself compromising in any way because you opted to buy a cheap electric bicycle instead of an overpriced one. Apart from that, you are contributing to the well-being of the environment by using an e-bike and improving your physical health. Brownie points for that!

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