Choosing The Best Winter Bicycle Gear In 2020

Winter Bicycle Gear

Winter is about to come and cycling enthusiasts are ready to pack their winter bicycle gear. I know some of you prefer indoor cycling during the colder days but the inner animal within us wants to go out. For this, you must prepare yourself to bear the wrath of cold. Both light and cold weather throws challenges at you. You should choose the right winter bicycle gear to have a comfortable bike ride. The following are the gears that you must consider in your essential gear list for your bicycle.

Bike Lights: A Must Winter Bicycle Gear

In colder countries, winter means shorter days and even shorter daylight periods. This makes both front and backlight equally important. This helps you to cope up with dim light and low visibility weather. Opt for a light which is approx 150 lumens. This helps you see better in extremely dim lit areas too. The light and motion pro combo is an amazing light that works with a sensor. This allows the light to blink dimly during the daylight time. But as the sensor senses dark, the blinker turns into a straight beam of light producing 200 lumens brightness. You need to choose the best for protecting yourself.

Best Winter Bicycle Gear
Best Winter Bicycle Gear

Preparing Fenders And Brakes For Winter Rides

Fenders are important, especially in winter weather. You wouldn’t want the wet dirt to come on you from around. The good fender that fits perfectly over your wheels is a good gear to avoid this. Rainy fenders fit highly above the tire while it can get really clogged with snow during the winters. You can attach a fender with a clip-on set to your seat.

When you are using cantilever brakes, curved winter pads help with wet weather braking. In the case of disc brakes, you can opt for sintered pads. You should keep a regular check on these pads as the gritty roads are known to wear out the brakes quickly.

Winter Wearables For Bike Ride: Winter Bicycle Gear

Choosing the right wearable for the winter bicycle rides is very important. This is to avoid the pain of overheating yourself or dressing too little and bearing the cold. Your winter bicycle gear for clothes must include layers of clothing. A close-fitting wearable made from breathable wool should be worn inside your jersey. This will help you from cold without overheating you. Other important wearable gears are a waterproof breathable shell, thermal resistant cycling tights, and waterproof pants.

Best Winter Bicycle Gear Guide
Best Winter Bicycle Gear Guide

Headwear, Gloves, And Footwear

Headgears provide you with injury protection plus it helps to cover your ears. As we all know, cold enters through our ears, a good headgear can really help with the warmth. Cycling gloves for extreme cold weather have split fingers and lobster mitts. These are made to provide warmth along with required finger flexibility. For footwear, you must consider thinner winter cycling woolen socks. And you can opt for boots that come with a water-resistant cover.


Choosing the best winter bicycle gear in 2020 is not that difficult with the list mentioned above. Choose the right gear wisely.

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