Currie Electric Bicycle – Ride Freely, Save Energy, And Get An Extra Battery Back Up

currie electric bicycle

A rear-drive electric motor is mounted on the front of the bike, which also acts as the kickstand. This allows the rider to have more of a feel for riding in style, as well as to increase the versatility of the bicycle. A modern design makes it easy to change the handlebars for a more sporty model, or even to replace the entire motor.

Riding A Currie Bike

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A contemporary design makes it possible for even kids to ride a currie bike. With their long sleek body and narrow seat, kids are able to reach up to a 47 inch handlebar. The handlebar controls the pedaling power of the scooter, while the back wheel is connected to the charging station with a cable. Using these simple but efficient technologies, kids can ride around the neighborhood on their own currie electric bike.

An upgrade to the original Ezip or 450 electric scooter, the Currie models include a new aluminum frame and upgraded battery pack. This new design makes it easier to fold down the front end. The front wheel is still attached to the rear rack using a durable rack. The new front rack is foldable, so that the rider weight can be added or removed at a later time without replacing the entire scooter.

One of the major differences with the Currie IZIP electric bike, is the battery. The older model used a triple A battery, but the newer model uses a double A battery. The change over reduces the weight of the entire unit by about twenty-five pounds, which greatly increases the running time. The increase in the battery makes it possible to go up to thirty miles per charge, which greatly improves the user’s gas mileage. Some units even reach a hundred miles per charge.

The Schwinn electric bicycle also features a recumbent style frame which provides more leverage for the rider. This allows them to use both hands to control the bike. With the recumbent style frame, there is no need to stoop or squat as you would with a traditional seat. The ezip e450 electric scooter features a recumbent drive for smooth rides and a twenty-four volt lithium battery. The lithium battery gives the rider plenty of power for their workout.

The Schwinn electric scooter comes equipped with a built in battery charger. When the rider charges the scooter, it takes only fifteen minutes to complete one charge, which is about average. In addition, the battery has a life span of two years. When the battery is drained, the scooter must be recharged.

The Currie eZip 1000 electric scooter includes an in-line electronic speed controller. When you add the battery, the controller adjusts the resistance of the motor based on the speed of the cyclist. The motor gives the cyclist a powerful start, but provides enough resistance to allow the rider to easily maintain their speed. The in-line controller allows you to adjust the throttle from a button and is easy to use.

A pre-set profile of the unit allows the user to fine-tune the ride and speed. An eight-point ride-time adjustment allows you to create an optimal environment for your workout. This unit is equipped with a twenty-eight volt ac/dc adapter and comes with detailed instructions. The Currie Trailz Electric Bicycle is made with tough rugged all-alignment aluminum frame and includes a front disc brake for added safety. This unit also has dual-sided swing handles for added maneuverability and includes a sixteen ounce battery and a fiberglass riding handle.

The Currie Trailz Electric Bicycle makes a great cardio machine for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. The unique twist throttle provides smooth and precise power without being overly strenuous on your legs or joints. The turn signal adds another level of control as it allows you to signal when to start pedaling. The ride-time adjustment and twenty-eight volt ac/dc adapters allow you to adjust the bike for maximum performance. You can even adjust the amp controller for extra power and strength.

The lightweight aluminum frame and rugged all-alignment aluminum frame are designed to withstand repeated use. The front disc brake adds another level of stopping power, while the shock absorption of the fiberglass handle makes this a wonderful choice for long distance rides. The standard model comes with a two-year warranty, and the Deluxe version comes with a three year warranty. The Deluxe eZip 1000 watt motor has been designed to handle up to twelve miles before requiring a recharge.

Summing Up

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An optional battery pack, called the Pro battery pack, is available as an add-on to the Deluxe model. It gives you extra battery back up for faster rides. This model also comes with a foot pedal that allows you to easily increase your riding intensity. Many people consider the Currie Electric Bike a necessity because it allows them to get up and going whenever they want. With the large selection available, there is sure to be the right model for you.

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