Different Types Of Cycles

Different Types Of Cycles

Cycles are perhaps the most commonly used vehicle in the world. They have various categories, and all are known by some different names as per their use.

Riding cycle itself is an exciting activity. Although children are always very eager to learn to ride a cycle for a specific period, it is encouraged as an exciting sport as well.

History Of Cycles

Humans have started riding in a very early phase. But in those olden days, riding a horse, camel, donkey were common practices. Gradually, when humans introduced wheels and then machines, this leads to the discovery cycle.

The most interesting fact about the evolution of the bicycle is that the very first bicycle was not a modern one. It was like a flying cycle known as pigeon bicycle, introduced in the year of 1950. However, from then the cycle is being continuously in the process of revolution.

Cycles Modifications In Early Stage

Hence, starting from that model of the cycle there are various models which are listed below-

Velocipede Cycles

It was one of the first models of the bicycle that was made by German inventor Baron Karl Drais in the 19th Century. It was a simple-looking design, but it gave an impressive idea to other developers for making further different types of advanced cycles.

Most prominently velocipede was a kind of balanced bicycle design with the pedals. But these were the chain-less cycle. They were produced in various shapes and sizes. One could find the dandy horses, draisienne, or hobby horses range of cycles in it.

Let’s know some other varieties that come under velocipede cycles.

Different Types Of Cycles For You
Different Types Of Cycles

Penny-Farthing Cycles

Penny-Farthing cycles were very famous in the Victorian Era. They were called safety bicycles as well. They had a small wheel in the rear and a huge wheel at its front.


As the name suggests, these were the cycles that feature only one wheel. The purpose of creating these types of bicycles was to train the rider so that he could learn to balance his weight on the single-wheeled cycle.


Before the entry of two-wheeled bicycles in the market, there were some models of tricycles. These cycles had three wheels instead of two wheels. These bicycles were highly famous in the United Kingdom. In fact, it was one of the first nations to create the official Tricycle Association to time trials, arrange tours, day rides, and annual races.


Quadracycles were made with the four wheels, hence the name. They were particular models developed to allow more than one person to sit on one cycle at the same time. These cycles were generally used for traveling a short distance.

Modern Cycle Range

Different Types Of Cycles For You
Different Types Of Cycles

Types Of Cycle Riding

One can use the cycle in a very personal way. There are some specific types of cycling that people prefer to indulge in as per their preference:

  • Recreation
  • Road riding
  • Touring
  • Off-Road Riding
  • Racing
  • Mountain cycling

Places To Ride

Although cycles are usually used to ride on roads, there are several other places as well where anyone can ride the cycle. They are as follows-

  • Hills and mountains
  • Streets
  • Dirt roads
  • Bike paths
  • Tracks
  • Off Roads
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