Electric Bicycle Hub Motor – How it Works

electric bicycle hub motor

With an electric bicycle hub motor you can easily convert your ordinary bicycle into a powerful, energy efficient commuter machine. These motors typically come with one or more controller boards, each of which has a number of built in programs that can be used to control the motor. The programs control the speed of the motor and the amount of energy it pumps through the battery. They also determine what power level the motor is at, which can make for an incredibly satisfying ride.\

Reasons To Convert Your Bicycle

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One of the best reasons to convert your bicycle is the savings it will generate over driving. You’ll save money on gasoline and other fossil fuels. You’ll also be doing your part to help our environment. If you own an electric bicycle, then you already know the benefits of electric bicycle operation. But if you’re interested in converting your bicycle, here are some tips to help you out.

First, decide what size of motor you want to run on your vehicle. The size of the motor is determined by the torque and horsepower of your existing vehicle. The more horsepower you have, the more power your motor will generate. This extra power will allow you to drive further, since your vehicle will be able to generate more torque.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a source of power. The best source of power is a DC motor. If you’re planning on using your vehicle as a pedal pusher, such as most cyclists, then you won’t need a DC motor, but for other types of vehicle conversions, such as a geared drive, a chain drive, or a geared sprocket, you’ll need to purchase an AC drive motor.

Third, you’ll need to hook up the motor to your bicycle. You can do this with a variety of methods. If you have a small bike, you can just install the cord between the motor and yourself, using zip ties. If your bicycle has a large engine, such as a recumbent bike or a stationary bike, you’ll need a chain between yourself and the motor. This is typically done using a tightened and oiled chain, with one end fitting snug against the sprocket at the back of the bicycle.

Fourth, you’ll need to convert the DC power into AC power. This can be done through a number of methods, or by purchasing a power conversion device. In most cases, if you’re going from a DC motor to AC power, it’s a fairly simple process. If you’re doing it the cheaper way, through a power conversion device, you’ll be able to plug in the motor and the necessary cables. Then, you just need to connect the electrical power cord to the corresponding receptacle on your bicycle.

Finally, you’ll need to connect the motor to the batteries. Most people choose to use rechargeable nickel-cadmium cells, because they’re extremely durable. The problem with these cells, however, is that they don’t generate enough torque to move the bicycle quickly and powerfully. To solve this problem, many electric bicycle enthusiasts now opt to use rechargeable lithium batteries. Not only are they much more durable than nickel-cadmium cells, but they will also generally accelerate the bicycle far more quickly.

Final Words

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When you get ready to make your purchase, it’s a good idea to take a look at a gallery of photos of electric bicycles in action. You can find out a lot about the performance of different models by looking at photos online. This is a great way to get a feel for what the various models on the market have to offer. Once you’ve decided which type of electric bicycle hub motor you want, you can then start installing it in your own bike. With a little bit of work, you’ll have an efficient, powerful, and quiet commuter that you can take anywhere.

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