Find The Right Bike Child Seat For Your Children

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Kids Bicycle Seats comes in a variety of styles and can be used for many years. Once you have chosen the style that your child enjoys, you need to think about how to keep it from being damaged or worn and fixing any problems before they become serious. The three main types of seats are the T-shape, U-shape, and triple tree.

An Overview

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The T-shape bicycle seat has a low back support and is great for children who sit on their own. They are also a good style for older children who are comfortable on their own. It does not have as much height as other designs but offers good shoulder and hip support. These models usually do not have a rear shock absorber, but instead rely on the hard plastic back support. A drawback of this seat is that the straps can loosen over time and can become a hazard if the child is riding with another child.

The U-shape design offers similar safety benefits as a high-backed seat, but has less back support. It offers a higher back support but is less stable than the T-shape model. The tri-fold seat offers the best overall stability, but it is harder to repair than the other models. The three most popular child bicycle seats are the traditional seat, bicycle seats, and rear-mounted seats.

Traditional Child Bike Seats

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Many parents prefer the traditional child bike seat because it is easy to find, and many children like the padded seat. These bicycles generally have a plastic frame and a hard foam cushioning for added comfort. They also usually offer a three-point harness system that is more secure. The seat can become a bit unstable if the bicycle is off road or has a high tire pressure.

Bicycle Seats

These child bicycle seats are designed specifically for use with bikes. They are made to fit children’s growing bodies. Many of them have a high back to offer head support. These seats are very easy to find since they are sold by many different manufacturers.

Child Bike Harnesses

Child bicycle harnesses can be either a full-length design or a short shoulder strap design. A longer shoulder strap design offers more support for larger children and allows easier adjustments while riding the bicycle. A child bicycle harness should weigh between ten to fifteen pounds. Most are available in sizes from small to X-large. There are also numerous colors to choose from including pink, black, and blue.

Tyke Toter

A tyke other bicycle seat looks like a car seat that is meant for the smaller child. It has a seat for the torso and a thin canopy for extra protection of the face. These seats are very easy to find, though you may need to order one online. The price range for this type of seat is between forty and eighty dollars.

Rear Rack Bicycle Seats

Similar to the tyke toter, a rear rack bicycle seat is made for the smaller child. However, it has a large rear rack for your child’s bike. This is an ideal seat for older kids who can sit on the bike without their feet hanging off the ground. This is an extremely popular style of kids bike seat and many of the models can be found for less than one hundred dollars. Some of these models will also have a built in base, which will need to be purchased separately.

Hardback Seat

This is a more secure kids’ bike seats, but it doesn’t have a front basket like some of the other styles. Instead, it is made with a hard plastic back support that will attach to the seat. This style does require a rear rack to be attached. The cost for this seat can range from around one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars.

Hardsided Box Seat

This is the most traditional style of kids bike seats. It has a hard plastic back support and a metal frame. This is the best option if you want to ensure your child’s safety and comfort while riding their bicycle. It is the safest option because it is attached to the rear rack. Many of these come in two-piece models for ease of transport and storage.


All of these styles of bike child seat are designed for comfort as well as safety. If you are looking for the best options, you should check out the Kidkraft Bicycles website. They offer all types of children’s bicycle seats along with accessories for every type of bicycle. You can find kidkrafts direct online, at a warehouse store, or at a bike retailer in your area.

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