Five Ways to Amp Up the Fun While Riding Motorbikes


Have you ever been in a weird situation where you are stuck midway with a hefty motorbike? Frustrating it is, right? We agree. But, you never know when the situation turns worse. You know machines, in spite of being accurate and highly precise sometimes behave weird. Sometimes, it’s not always the problem of machines. No matter, how the situation turns out, you must know how to be tricky and get out of these weird situations. So, we bring you five great motorcycle hacks to make life easier.

1. Fix the Ignition Switch in Emergency

What if your ignition switch refuses to turn one fine morning when you want to rush to your office in a bike? Well, it might happen. When you try inserting the key in the ignition slot and it starts behaving weird. And, when you thought of hitting your bike hard, we suggest you a quick fix of the ignition switch.

Amp Up the Fun While Riding Motorbikes
Amp Up the Fun While Riding Motorbikes

Bring a pencil and hold it absolutely near to the ignition switch. Now rub the graphite of a pencil with a cutter in such a way that the powdered graphite with the help of a cutter, slowly rub the graphite section of the pencil in a way that the powdered graphite falls directly into the ignition switch. Keep doing this until there is a significant amount of graphite accumulates inside the ignition slot.

You can, alternatively chose to keep rubbing pencil in the ignition slot, so that it gets dryly lubricated with the pencil’s graphite. Putting oil into the keyhole surely helps but not it the emergency scenario.

2. Scratch-free Cleaning of Helmet Visor

Scratches on Helmet Visor are pretty common and we bikers are used to it. But, what if you can keep your helmet scratch free for years? Sometimes scratches do happen by the dead bugs lying on the helmet windscreen overnight.

What you can do is keep a wet paper towel on the helmet visor for some time. Soak the paper towel in clean and cold water for some time before using it. The moisture of water will easily wipe of the dried bugs, instead of you trying to forcefully pull them out. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar as well. Whatever you use, make sure to wipe it off with a cotton soft dry cloth. Do not clean it in a circular motion. Instead, follow a single direction.

3. Get Flattened Cans for Parking

What you do when you find an uneven surface to park your bike? Well, you somehow park it and your bike end up accumulating dust. To do away with it simply fetch an empty aluminium can and flatten it. Carefully place it beneath the side stand tip of your motorcycle and park it. This will hold the weight of the bike ( I know it sounds surprising) and at the same time prevent your bike from accumulating dust.

4. Embrace Plastic in Cold Weather

Riding in chilling wintry nights can sound like an adventure ( in your dreams of course!). But, it is dangerous. Chilling weather can make your nerves go numb and you might lose control on bikes. In such cases, what you can do is get some quick hacks.

If you have to travel in chilling conditions for an extended phase, simply visit a filling station and fetch a pair of plastic gloves. It will hardly cost you a price. So, no worries even if you are not carrying your wallet. Wear these plastic gloves beneath your riding gloves to allow your hands some warmth. These plastic stuff will work like an insulator, in the incoming icy winds without making your hands numb. This way you are going to enjoy your bike ride more.

5. Goodbye Foggy Visor

Get Rid of Foggy Helmet While Riding Motorbikes
Get Rid of Foggy Helmet While Riding Motorbikes

Chilling winters are likely to make your helmet visor foggy. You know this is dangerous as it may blur your vision and prevent you from an amazing ride. So, what can be done? A smart rider will think of easy and effortless hacks. So do we.

And, to do away with it, put some washing liquid on a clean soft cloth. Place it on the visor for at least 20 to 25 minutes. Now polish the visor with soft hands. Do not rub, simply polish the surface. It will create thin film on the visor surface and prevent your breath from blurring it. And, it can also minimize the risk of accidents.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to make your life less stressful with bike riding? Here are the quick hacks.

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