Gear Cable Bicycle – Basics Of Bicycle Maintenance

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The gear shifting of bikes that have geared drivetrains is controlled using the cables. There are two parts of this cable: an inner cable that is braided and is made up of stainless steel, and a work transmitting force that provides compression to the housing. A Gear cable bicycle is gaining a lot of popularity these days and a lot of people are buying them because of the fact that they are very convenient to use. The cables, however, need to be replaced if they are stretched, snapped, or frayed so as to avoid getting into accidents. The stainless steel used to make them prevents them from corrosion. 

Gear Cable Bicycle – Description 

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A Gear cable bicycle is generally very durable and the gear cables last for ages. However, there are times when the gear cables start giving problems and they should be changed immediately. The gear cables that are made up of stainless steel are one of the best choices because they help to prevent the cables from corrosion. The durability is increased and it saves a lot of money too. The inners should only be changed when they are kinked or frayed. Outers can be changed annually or sometimes more frequently, as per the need. 

Gear Cable Bicycle – Pros 

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A Gear cable bicycle is one of the top choices for people because it is very convenient to use. It is very sleek and people can go anywhere and everywhere with it. One of the main advantages of having this bicycle is that the gear cables are inexpensive. This means that when they are kinked or frayed, they can easily be changed. All the more, it does not get damaged easily. The cables are very durable and especially the ones that are made up of steel. The cables are generally easy to find and any repairing shop can easily change and repair them. 

Gear Cable Bicycle – Cons 

There are quite a few disadvantages of a Gear cable bicycle as well. The cables are generally of lower quality when compared to the slick ones. Most of the time the cables are not pre-stretched and so they have to be worn in. In a lot of cases, the slick cables are expensive and not a lot of people can afford them. A lot of times the installation is quite tricky and difficult and it takes a lot of time. The adjustments can sometimes be very finicky. A lot of people prefer the gear cable bicycles but a lot of people cannot afford it too. 


The stainless steel gear cable bicycle is one of the top choices for people and it can be very beneficial as well. The stainless steel coating prevents the cables from getting rusted. The cables are light and inexpensive and so a lot of people can generally afford them. It is always advisable to purchase the right gear cable for your bike and in order to do that, you would need the basic details of the bike.

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