Gear Up Bicycle Rack – The Accessory You Would Need For Your Bike

A bicycle is parked next to a brick wall

If you are looking for bike storage, you might not want to compromise on the quality of the bicycle rack, which is why we have come up with a review of gear up bicycle rack which works on a floor-to-ceiling basis and can act as a great way to store at least four bikes in your flat. It will also be safe and sound within the location. Now, let it get into a detailed review of this bicycle Rack and see if you should be buying it or not.

Gear Up Bicycle Rack 

A row of parked motorcycles sitting on top of a metal fence

This rack is made in the USA and has an assembly of wooden beams that will brace between the floor to the ceiling. The vertical parts will be held together with start and furniture nuts. The Steel hooks have a thick coating and it is attached to the sides so that you can also have your bikes on them. Assembly is quite easy and the product usually comes with clear instructions. You just have to screw everything together with the given key except for the top piece. For the top area, you will need a crosshead screwdriver. If you have a tape measure that would be helpful to find out the distance between the floor and the ceiling of your room and you will need a proper location to install the same.

Gear Up Bicycle Rack Features

A motorcycle parked in a parking lot

It is possible for you to change the arm height to make sure one bike is not higher than it is supposed to be and you can also adjust them independently to make sure the bike with sloping tubes hangs on a particular level. The rack comes with velcro straps and you can use it to wrap between the front wheel and keep it from flapping around. These tracks can be used for years considering the durability and if you are properly able to install them then they will be stable and help you store up to four bikes without any problems. You can also find out how to set a two-bike setup and it works well against the wall and this would depend on the height between the floor and the ceiling. If you think the storage space is roomy then you can store it for buy with extra arms and that will be available separately.


If you have a rigid floor and ceiling, then the rack dresses will become better and that will be installed in one place with the right track and the ceiling will be hooked in the right manner with space being occupied. It should also make sure that there is a beam behind the ceiling and that becomes a piece of sensible advice for you. As for the pricing criteria, it is very much affordable and you can customize it according to the number of bikes you have with a maximum being 4. The finishing of the product is brilliant and you don’t have to worry about the quality at all. 

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