Never Do These Mistakes While Riding Mountain Bike On Road At Night

riding mountain bike on road

Why search Do’s of riding mountain bike on road? Unless you don’t know the possible mistakes, you won’t master mountain bike riding. That’s why we are putting common mistakes that one should avoid while riding mountain bike on road after dusk.

Avoid Riding At Unknown Places At Night

Mountain Bike

You should avoid trying a new path or even a line that you haven’t done before late at night. It’s preferable to try it out during the day to get a feel for it before going at night. A known place will help you in guessing the ups and downs on the road, otherwise, in case of no or less street lighting, you may get in trouble.

Not Having Spare Lights

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Mostly, beginners avoid the importance of spare lights while riding mountain bike on road at night. Spare lights are all-else fail lights that will help you in getting out of the woods at night in case you don’t have anything to guide you ahead on the way. Additionally, always carry two batteries for the lamps you are using on your mountain bike. Moreover, never underestimate the rear lights, particularly when you are riding at night. It will help you and those riders coming from behind when you are coming on the road from the woods. 

Never Go On A Mountain Bike Ride Without Emergency Contact Numbers

We strongly recommend if you haven’t already done it, do it. Don’t go outside on a mountain bike ride without emergency contact numbers. Emergency contact doesn’t mean just an ambulance, police, etc. Rather, the contact numbers of your family members and known ones belonging to the place where you are going for a ride are also emergency ones. Add shortcuts for these contact in speed dialing of your phone. Make sure to remember those numbers in mind. In case you lost your phone somewhere, remembering the contact numbers will help you a lot. 

No Excuses For Wearing A Helmet

Lots of people love riding without helmets just for the sake of show-off. But, it is a compromise with own life. So, one should avoid excuses for wearing a helmet. Besides, before going, check your gear if it contains all items or not. Just reminding you, don’t forget those knee pads at home!

Don’t Ride Alone

For a decent night ride, you can get the most out of your lights. But, if you are a beginner, it’s not a good idea to ride a mountain bike on road at night without any riding buddy. If you have a big crash and knock yourself out, you’ll need someone to help. A riding buddy will help you there. 


The points we mentioned here are not only for beginners but also for everyone who is riding mountain bike on road or in the woods. These mistakes seem to be tiny but underestimating them may get you in trouble. 

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