Power Wheels And Other Concepts Of Racing To Learn

A car parked on the side of a road

If your kid is fond of cars and mimics you while you drive your car, it is the time you may get a power wheel for your kid. These cars may not only draw the attention of your child’s mind but will also help you to impart basic knowledge regarding the rules for driving and all the safety measures that they may need to keep in mind. 

What Are Power Wheels?

A car driving on a road

Power Wheels is a famous brand of toy cars that are powered by batteries. They are suitable for kids that lie in the age group of one to seven years. They also have inbuilt realistic features like opening and closing doors, options for forward and reverse motion, and FM radio. 

Vehicles Included Under Power Wheels

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Cars, trucks, and motorcycles under Power wheels are sold all across the country with more than 100 different model names. The current lineup of power wheels includes smaller versions of real-world vehicles like Harley Davidson motorcycle, Ford Mustang, Cardillac Escalade EXT, Jeep Hurricane, Jeep Wrangler, lighting McQueen, Ford F-150, etc. 

History Of Power Wheels

Power Wheels were introduced in 1949 by an Italian company. They initially used gel cell batteries in their vehicles. By 1990, the sale of battery-powered vehicles reached 1,000,000 per year which indicated its increasing popularity among the masses. Matel purchased the lineup of power wheels in 1994 and placed it under their subsidiary of Fisher-price. The Harley Davidson motorcycle of Fisher price was released in 1999 which contributed to increase the sales by many folds. 

Safety Recalls

The first safety recall involved the 18 Volt Porsche where the contact of foot control could weld together during use. If this happened, it would be nearly impossible to stop the vehicle. The older accelerator pedal was replaced by a new one which eliminated the chances of a welded pedal.

Fisher price took a mass recall in 1998 where it included 10 million of power wheels 12 Volt and super 6 volts which were manufactured till 1986. It mainly focused on replacing the battery fuses and strengthening the battery connectors. 

The third recall of the fisher price involved the Harley Davidson where they sent 218,000 battery-powered motorcycles to repair the defect in which the foot pedal used to get stuck in the ‘on’ position. 

The fourth recall took place in 2019 where the Barbie dream camper model was involved. It had fall hazards and issues with the pedal due to which the ride remained in motion even when there was no force on the pedal. 


Power wheels are trendy among children. They can be a great gifting option for your kids if you want to make their birthday extra special. With the release of new models with better features, power wheels are rapidly increasing their fan base and attracting users from all across the country. It is indeed a trendy and amazing vehicle to be owned by kids.  We hope this article gives you an idea of power wheels and other toy concepts for you to learn.

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