Provides Ultra Stability and Helps You Record Clear Videos or Take Stunning Photos with Family!

Cameras have become an integral part of our lives. Nowadays almost everyone can afford a mobile phone and use its camera. Cameras are very helpful in doing many activities. They are not only used to capture pictures and moments. Nowadays, many people do vlogging and make videos and then upload them on the internet. This helps them to become popular and helps in earning money. However, holding the camera can be a hectic job. And it becomes even more difficult when one is alone. To capture the best pictures and videos, it is important to keep the camera stable. With this product, this can be achieved easily.

Portable Mini Tripod For Vlogging, Selfies

Nowadays, a lot of trends are there on the internet. The Instagram and Facebook page of people is filled with lots of pictures and videos. In order to make these, many times, people have to travel. Hence, this Portable Mini Tripod For Vlogging, Selfies becomes the best tool for capturing these. It is small and light in weight. This makes it perfect for carrying while traveling. With this product, one is not dependent on others to capture the pictures and videos. With this device, vlogging becomes really easy as it becomes quite to hold the camera while walking or doing any movement.

It can also be used to shoot online teaching videos for students. This will give the teachers a wide range of movement and teach better. Even students can use this stand to fix their mobile phones while taking the class for stability. However, the best use of this device is for capturing selfies. The distance from the face to the camera of the phone makes it possible to pose in different ways for capturing the best moment. It also makes the selfie-taking procedure hassle-free as there is no need to touch or hold the phone. This product can be used as a tripod stand as well as a selfie stick.

The stand can be kept easily in a small bag. It has the ability of earring into a very small size which can be again arranged back into stand form.

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Max. Length: 251 mm
  • Max. Load: 2 kg
  • Package includes: Mini Tripod
Graphical user interface


  • This product is quite versatile. It can be used for shooting stable videos and taking pictures. It can be used as a tripod stand and as a selfie stick as well.
  • This product is portable and can be taken anywhere easily.
  • It is lightweight and hence, it becomes easy to handle.
A tripod sitting in front of the camera


  • The stand is small. Hence, it might not be suitable for making all kinds of videos.
  • It is not suitable for holding very heavy cameras.


With portable devices, it is very important to look after them. In the wilderness, there are a lot of chances of its falling down and breaking. So, always try to keep it on a rigid surface. It should be cleaned regularly so that the joints get jammed.

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