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road bicycle gear shifters

Bicycle shifters or gear control, or gear levers are parts of a bicycle used to control the gearing system of a bicycle. It also put the desired gear as required. In general, it operates either a derailleur mechanism or an internal hub gear process. In other words, the overall control is operated by pressing a cable that connects the shifter to the gear mechanism. Conventionally shifters are fixed on the down tube of the frame or stem. For convenience to ride or ergonomic reasons, they are to be located somewhere on the handlebars, normally on modern bicycles.

Shifters Are Found In Various Types

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Trigger shifter

Thumb shifter-

Road bike shifter –

Grip shifter

In the 90s, Shimano integrated shifting levers for bicycles, which was an indexed shifting mechanism, and he was the first to integrate shifting with the brake levers. Later on, Campagnolo did follow with their Ergo Power system.

Gear shifters are attached to a cable that is enclosed in a protective box. When pressed through the gears, the cable goes tightening and loosening; applying more force or less force on the derailleur moves the chain up and down on the cassette or chainrings.

It also controls whether they are levers, twisted or integrated with brake levers. It operates the derailleur through cables or sometimes circuitry in electronic shifters. In bikes, the right-hand shifter controls the rear derailleur, and the left-hand shifter controls the front derailleur.

It must be pedaling when you are changing gears. It’s because the chain has to be moving in order for the derailleur to “derail” the chain from sprocket to sprocket. If the shifter is pressed without pedaling, the gears will not change until it starts pedaling.

How To Replace The Required Shifter-

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Remove the grip that is on the handlebar as the shifter that is required to replace. …

Shift the chain onto the rear gears so that there is a minimum amount of tension on the shifter’s cable.

Slide the new shifter onto the handlebar and then tighten its hex bolt.


Shimano and SRAM are both good quality products manufacturers, but their mechanism is a bit different. Looking at the present scenario of product goods, it can be said that Shimano is generally considered the more conservative. For the last few years, SRAM has branded drivetrain innovation more violently.

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