Basics in biking

What You Should Know About Gas Bicycle Motor Kits

gas bicycle motor

While you will still need a ride to and from work, you don’t have to worry about carrying all of your gear with you or driving in poor weather. All that is required is a small gas powered motor that can be used on the rear wheel of your bike. There are many different types […]

Electric Bicycle – Is It Better To Purchase With Or Without an Assist

Electric Bicycle Assist

An electric bicycle with an assist system is one that will also have some pedals attached to it. Read our guide to know more about it!

Types Of Bicycle Gear Shifting

Bicycle Gear Shifters

Do you know the different types of bicycle gear shifting. Read this article to know about the different types of bicycle gear shifting.

Folding Bicycles Are a Good Choice For Your Next Transport Option

electric bicycle folding

Electric bicycle folding is a great choice, and you should go for it without any doubt. You will get a detailed idea of this!

The Trek Kids Bicycle – A Great Bike For Your Child

trek kids bicycle

Trek kid bikes are considered one of the most leading manufacturers of mountain bikes in the world, and perfect for kids and beginners. Here Are Some Of The Things To Know.

Basics In Biking – Some Basic Rules To Remember

Basics In Biking - Some Basic Rules To Remember

Keep in mind to wear protective gear such as the right clothing and helmet, which is for your own safety. Other than wearing helmets, always dress in layers. A pair of waterproof gloves will come in handy especially in rainy weather. You should wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to make sure that you don’t get wet.

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