The Basics of Mountain Biking

A man riding a bike down a dirt road

Enduro mountain bike riding is a dynamic and multifaceted mountain bike riding discipline! It combines the pleasures of cross country mountain bike riding with the competitiveness and physical challenge of downhill mountain bike riding. It is a great way to increase your fitness and your riding skills while also enjoying yourself. Enduro is a style of mountain bike that originated in Japan, and it has become very popular all over the world! This sport combines extreme mountain bike riding skills with a wide range of different road mountain bike riding styles such as free ride, hybrid, and cruises.

The “free ride” is where the rider does not use the pedals. Instead, they refer to this as a dirt jump! On a dirt jump, the rider will use their own body weight against them to help propel themselves forward. A dirt jump is also called a mound or a jump.

Mountain Bike Riding

A man standing on top of a snow covered mountain

There are two types of mountain biking: free riding and dirt jumping. Freeriding is when you use your own body weight as resistance to propel yourself forward. Dirt jumping is when you do not have your own body weight to push against but rather rely on your pedals. This makes the sport a little easier and safer for women who are new to the sport as well as for those who have had injuries or mobility issues in the past.

One very important thing to consider when choosing between a dirt jump and a pedaling technique is the level of technology that is available on the bikes that you are considering. Mountain bikes come with many different technologies that make them different from cross country or urban mountain bikes. You need to research the features of the different bikes before making your final purchase. Some features that you may want to consider include mud flaps, drop bars, front suspension, hydraulic shocks, and hand controls. These features are often considered an upgrade or necessary parts for the type of riding you plan to do.

Another feature to consider is the front suspension on the mountain bikes. Some models have a front suspension that is independent of the rear suspension. This allows the rider to have a better and more stable ride. Other bikes have a front fork that is connected to the back wheel, which can give a very solid ride but does not allow the rider much freedom of movement when going down the trail. If you are looking for a simpler bike, one without all the extra tech and features, then this would be the style for you.

A Much Ado 

A bicycle leaning against a tree

The third feature that you will want to look at is the chunder brake, which has been a part of several racing bicycles. A chunder brake is a system that uses brake pads that have an electrical current to reduce the speed of the pedal stroke. They provide the same effect as a disc brake that allows the rider to come to a complete stop without holding onto the brake. However, unlike a disc brake, it does not slow the rider down. Instead, they make the pedal come to a near stop much quicker than if there was no braking at all.

For riders that enjoy off-road riding, singletrack is a great option to have. Singletrack allows the biker to climb steep slopes and be in complete control of how far they go. A big disadvantage is that it requires a heavy frame that can handle the weight of a rider because the wheels themselves are so heavy. In addition, a single track is harder to ride on when you are not on a smooth paved path. This type of riding is more popular with riders that like the technical aspect of mountain biking and the challenge it offers them.

Final Words 

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment that any mountain biker should have is a full suspension system. A full suspension system can take a big hit and bounce right back, absorbing the shock instead of the rider. It is important for off-road riders, especially those that enjoy climbing and going down hills, to have a system that will absorb these types of shocks. Another advantage is that a full suspension system will make the bike easier to get up a hill. However, some of the new bikes coming out have a better suspension system and are more suitable for riding on the pavement as well.

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