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Almost all of us have dreams about having notable highlights and that too without spending so much at the salon. If you want to do your own hair coloring and highlighting, you should be able to follow the proper steps so that it is quickly done at home. For the hair color that you like, you will need specific equipment known as the silicone cap. It should be accompanied by a needle, so you should invest in the proper accessories. 

This is a conventional cap that you can see in most hairdressing salons, and you can create a perfect Outlook for yourself at home itself. Ensure that it is pretty high in quality, and you will be able to refrain from coloring the unwanted parts. It is essential to get ample knowledge about the product before you start investing in the same. So what are you waiting for when you can get it at an affordable rate? 

Reusable Silicone Cap With Needle For Hair Coloring And Highlighting

This is a specific product that you can use under the health and fitness category and 

 you can use it as a hair care essential. It is available at an affordable rate of $11, and you can highlight any part of the head you want. It will also prevent a lot of mess, and you can color even if you are a novice. It will give you a seamless experience altogether, and it will fit comfortably on any kind of head. You can choose the color that you like, and the silicon is entirely impenetrable apart from the pores. All you have to do is to use a glove, and the color will not get into your hands as well. Buy the reusable silicone cap now so that you can get a fantastic experience in coloring your hair at your home. 


  • Brands name – Favolook
  • Origin CN
  • Quantity- one
  • Material high quality
  • Size free for all
  • Model number A
  • Package includes needle and silicon headcover
  • Buy with secure payment
  • Non-toxic and nonallergic
  • Great return and refund policy
  • Free shipping available
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  • If you want to have a smooth experience when it comes to coloring your hair for the first time, this is going to be your best friend. 
  • The entire set will cost you only $11, which will be easier on the pocket. 
  • It is used for coloring and highlighting without any extra mess. 
  • You can get it in three different colors to choose from Blue, cream, and purple. 
  • The size is approximately 23.3 CM by 8.5 cm. It will be a snug hit on the head, and you can end up correctly highlighting your hair. 
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  • Ensure that you use gloves; otherwise, the color might get on your hands, and it can be a messy affair. 


Now that you know about the reusable silicone cap with a needle, you should be able to right away so that it is delivered at your convenience. 

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