Tips To Buy A Rent Bike


How to buy a bike? Following are some of the tips that you can follow while buying a bike.

Tips Of Rent a Bike

A close up of a bicycle

1. Check the frame, wheels, and gears for rusting

2. Don’t go for a new look, choose an old-looking bike with good features. This is because new bikes have overheads attached to them which includes “shopkeeper’s profit”, tax or dealership charges which are included in new bikes’ prices whereas used ones don’t have any overhead costs attached to them so they are cheap. Also, make sure that brakes and tires are working fine before buying one.

3. Buy according to your needs. if you want speed then buy sports bikes but make sure of fact that they suit your height otherwise it will only result in an accident.

4. Ask for good servicing before buying as many shops can provide you with a new look on the outside but have hidden problems beneath their cover so it is better to ask for a shopkeeper’s guarantee if they are providing you with a service.

5. Before going for a new bike check whether there is a warranty or not, after all even if your old one has defects, problems, and faults it comes under warranty so why should you spoil your money just because of lack of knowledge?

6. If you really want to buy a used bike then search from “online shopping portals” as they have classified sections where people sell bikes according to their prices and also provide information about the condition of the bike.

7. For buying new bikes buy from showrooms not from local vendors or roadside shops because they are cheaper but you will have to compromise on quality for it.

8. Finally if you really want to save some money then convince your parents that why this new phone, car, or bike is essential for you then after getting their nod go for a used one with a warranty-if possible get it serviced before buying.

9. If by any chance the dealer doesn’t provide you with a service guarantee card along with the papers of your new bike then reject it because the dealership’s charges are included in the price of the bike provided there is no warranty sticker present on the motorcycle/scooter or anywhere on it so always check out for this sticker.

10. Ask the dealer/seller to provide you with all original manuals, tools, and keys so that in case of any future developments you have them present to win your customer’s satisfaction.

11. Always check out for a second-hand bike with two keys so that if anything goes wrong with one key then the other is a backup option for you. Also, see whether the bike comes under manufacturer warranty or not as both are different from each other in terms of coverage period and list of parts covered in it.

12. In case there is no service center within your vicinity then take it to the nearest one after buying because many bikes come under warranty only when they are serviced by authorized workshops only can’t be provided by local unauthorized dealers.


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Now that you know all about what to do while buying a bike, it’s time for you to hit the market and find your perfect ride! Happy biking!

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