Top Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle, Let’s Find Out

Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle

Long gone the days where people rode manual bikes. With the advent of electric bikes or in short E-bikes human life changed to a 360 degree. And now e-bikes are winning hearts at every corner of the world. Thus we can get this smart choice of vehicle at every possible price point. So like everyone if you are planning to have one for yourself a huge list of queries must be channeling down to mind each and every day. And to pinpoint the chief area of concern, the most common question stands to be the idea of motors. So, today, I bring you three types of motor for electric bikes. Therefore without any further ado, let us begin with the choices underneath.

But first, let us understand how electric bike’s motor works-

Best Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle
Best Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle

How Does The Electric Bikes Motor Works?

To translate the science in simple English, an electric motor effortlessly transforms electrical energy into mechanical form. And an e-bike works on brushless DC motor. Additionally, it can also use the BLDC motor to run smoothly. So, in simple language, this type of engineering does not require a brush to alternate the direction of the electrical energy flowing towards the motor. However, the older versions worked differently.

Hence these brushes made the engines less efficient. Also, those engines wore out gradually over the years. So, the engineers slowly took the brushless motors into functioning the e-bikes and is still going on. Now let us consider checking out the types of motors.

Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle-

Let’s Begin With Mid Drive Motors

Well, this motor generally gets placed in between an e-bikes crank. The engine generates a torque which eventually works in shifting the shaft that gets connected to the chain. So, the motor is ultimately boosting ones pedaling power.

Moving On With Direct Drive Hub Motor

This engine precisely is the simplest form of e-bike motors. The motor’s shafts changes to the rear axle. Since the shaft is fixed one, therefore, the engine moves around the shaft enabling the rider to move forward. Also, a direct-drive motor is slightly bigger in measurement than the geared hub motors.

This motor also can generate electric powers while applying brakes. Well, this is great since the power which is generated is absorbed back into the engine electrically.

Next Stands The Geared Hub Motor In Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle

This motor works similarly like the direct-drive motors. Only a slight difference is that there is an electric motor placed that spins at a higher rate. This motor shaft is connected to a chain of planetary gears that eventually gets connected to the hub. Thus making the hub spin but at a slower speed.

However, this technique produces more torque but evidently less top speed. This specific engine is a bit smaller in size and also has a freewheel.

Top Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle That You Need To Know
Top Types Of Motor For Electric Bicycle That You need To Know


E-bike’s motor is not at all a small concept to start with exploring the idea. It is a huge topic with many segments to pay attention to. However, my article talks about the top three important engines that play a vital role in making your ride smooth and comfortable. Hope you got a solid idea of how these machines work.

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