What Does Make The Bicycle Gear Calculator Unique And Useful For Bicycle Riders

A close up of a bicycle

Good News for bicycle riders! Their thrilling riding experience will double than before, just because of the bicycle gear calculator and ratio. What is it? This calculator is simple to compare different gears on your cycle and on setups you are considering and for observing how rapidly you will be traveled in a given gear at a specific cadence (pedal revolutions per minute).

You just have to add information about your bike, and all the maths is automatically done for you. Obviously, you could do the reckoning yourself or use something like gear calculator applications that are simple and fast. Also, many sites are there to offer a free version of the calculator.

Features, Which Make Bicycle Gear Calculator Unique 

A close up of a bicycle

There are a plethora of bicycle gear calculator applications out there, but what makes this one useful & unique is that you can spin the sprocket graphics and chainring to the right positions and adjust the speed and paddle settings through little slides on the corner of the screen. You can compare two different gears simultaneously, and this is handy too.

Let’s say you are deciding between a road bike with a 12-18 tooth cassette and a 53/39-tooth standard chainset, for instance, and a 52/36-tooth semi-compact chainset with 11-28 tooth cassettes.

This calculator app will compare the top gear in each, revealed in various ways, including gain ratios, gear inches, development meters, and your pace at a given cadence.

Can I create compare gear charts? Yes, you can create charts for your bicycle that can be shared via email.

How Can The Gear Calculator Help You?

Best Setup For Bicycle

This application helps you work out the best setup for your bicycle. If you are trying to get up hills with your components or you are finding your cyclocross bike overgeared, how much different will be transmuting the cassette make compared to exchanging the chainrings?

You can see the outcomes of the various choices open to you in seconds.

Fast Or Not

The application tells you how speedily you will be going in a selected gear at any cadence you select, and you might have this info to inform your riding technique. For example, it can tell you that if you are in the 23 tooth sprocket and 53 teeth outer chainring, pedaling at 90rpm, and using 700×25 tires, you will travel at 16.2mph. Can I directly switch to km/h if you like? Yes, you can!

Let’s say you want to maintain that speed when going down to the 39tooth inner chainring; you can choose the 17 tooth pedal and sprocket at the same cadence or go to the pedal at 100rpm and 19 tooth sprocket, or go to the pedal at 111rpm and 21-tooth sprocket.


Anyone can use the application to plan their next ride. No need to spend on the calculator because it is available online. So why wait for more? Today download a reliable calculator from the play store, ready your bicycle, and trick streets.

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