What To Look For In An Electric Motor Bicycle Kit

electric motor bicycle kit

Have you been thinking about purchasing an electric motor bicycle kit? If so, you have probably noticed how very few manufacturers are actually selling a decent kit. It is more than just a lack of quality and production. It is a lack of creativity. Let me explain why.

Gas And Oil Powered Bikes

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Bicycle design has been around for decades. Motorbikes, however, have become quite popular over the last decade. The vast majority of bike enthusiasts have been attracted by the unique and powerful ability of gas and oil powered bikes to provide a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. The manufacturers of these types of bikes quickly followed suit with their own versions. Today, you can find thousands of different types and designs of these two specific categories. The result was thousands of different manufacturers producing hundreds of different models.

Bikes today come in all different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. This diversity was inevitable. No manufacturer could simply reproduce all the available designs. The only sensible course was to try and create a bike that was as unique as possible. An electric motor bicycle kit manufacturer simply cannot accomplish this goal by mass producing their bikes.

Custom Bike

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In order to create an electric motor bicycle that is unique and interesting, a custom bike needs to be designed and built from the ground up. A bike’s frame, its suspension system, its drive train, its brake system, and its accessories need to be tailored to suit the rider’s needs and desires. A bike’s engine needs to be designed and placed in a location where it will not pose a threat to the rider’s safety while riding the bike.

In addition to making a custom electric motor bicycle, a custom built motor bicycle needs to be road legal. The laws surrounding these types of bikes are many and complicated. To ride one on a state highway or a federal highway requires special licensing and registration. A person who does not have a special license to operate an electric motor bicycle will need to get a certificate of liability insurance in order to operate such a bike.

Invest In A Quality Battery

It would also be wise to invest in a quality battery for your electric motor bicycle. If the user elects to use a standard battery, he or she must make sure that the amp/voltage rating is adequate to provide the power needed for the bike’s tires. Also, the amps/volts must be compatible with the motor on the bike is being used on. In other words, the bike will not be able to work properly if the amps/volts are higher than those used by the motor. Higher amperage ratings are available on some bike batteries but these are more expensive and may not be within the budget of many buyers.

Final Words

Another important component of an electric motor bicycle kit is the controller. This component manages the different elements of the bike – the speed, the gear ratio, power output, and the brakes. It should be easy to use and designed so that it can be used quickly. Bikes that run on batteries have a tendency to be less safe than ones that run on gasoline. Gasoline engines can also be quite noisy. By purchasing an electric motor bicycle kit, the rider will be assured that his or her bike will be as safe as possible.

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