Why A Cushman Electric Bicycle Can Give You Joy And Pleasure

caterham electric bicycle

These were one of the first ones to be imported into the United Kingdom. And they are still very popular. There is a wide range of models available, and each has its own particular appeal. This article will discuss the differences between all of the various models available, as well as some of the reasons they have become so popular in recent times.

The First Difference Is In Size

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The smallest is the Type One, which is just over 20 inches in length. It uses a standard type of rechargeable battery which can be recharged multiple times before needing a replacement. Once this has been done, the cycle is totally maintenance free, as long as it is kept dry and protected from the elements.

The next size down in size is the Type Two. It is slightly bigger than the Type One, weighing in at just under one hundred and twenty pounds for the full-sized model. It has a maximum speed of twelve miles per hour and can reach a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour. It uses a standard type of lithium-ion battery, and you will need to make sure that your model is fitted with a spare. Again, this will need to be rechargeable. As with the Type One, there are a spare for the front wheel, and one for the back wheel.

Know About Type Three Range

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Then there is the Type Three range which is much larger than the two before it. At a weight of three hundred and seventy pounds, it is just over four feet long and weighs nearly two hundred and fifty pounds. It comes with a maximum speed of twenty-five miles per hour and can reach up to forty miles per hour. This model also features a USB charging port. A lithium ion battery pack can be fitted in place of the older alkaline battery packs, and you will find a range of accessories to make the most out of your cycle. Included is a digital dashboard that will allow you to monitor your progress and a back light to make it easier to see where you are going.

Single Kick Start Handle

The older ranges featured a single kick start handle, rather than two. This meant that you had to kick the throttle rather than simply press down on it. This was a problem because the gears were very hard to start, and you would have to kick them a number of times in order to get the bike to start working. A further problem was that the kick start handle was easily damaged, and you had to buy a new model. Nowadays they use a clutch system, but still, it’s a lot more convenient to just kick start the throttle.

The older models could not benefit from a lithium-ion battery, so the range was limited to a single speed. Thankfully, the latest range does offer this option, allowing you to ride at twice the speed! It also enables the use of a rear electric motor, and this means that the amount of energy that you use will be far greater.

Final Words

As these models have recently been introduced, it’s important to compare prices, features and specifications. It’s worth spending a little time doing this, as many of the direct competitors sell for less. It’s also worth checking out consumer reviews, as this will give you an idea of whether the model you’re interested in is a good fit for you. By doing some research, it’s possible to make a great investment, giving you value for money and plenty of enjoyment.

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