Womens Bicycle Gear Using Tips

Womens Bicycle Gear

Are you new to riding a bicycle? Then you might have a little bit of hindrance at first- indifferent to whether it is a mountain bike, road bike and even a commuter bike. All of these bikes will have the gear, and you need to adjust it so that you can have a smooth and satisfactory ride. Now you need to learn how to use women’s bicycle gear, and going for a long road trip on your bike will be an irresistible thing. There are specific guidelines that will help you, and you will become better with time. 

Practice Matters- Women’s Bicycle Gear

A person riding on the back of a bicycle

The first thing with adjusting bike gear is that you have to practice a lot. When you are new to cycling, you will need some time to get used to the available gear. Change them now and then and practise shifting up and down. It is essential to learn how to adjust especially when you are moving up and down on a rugged road. It is essential to understand the essence of gear if you are moving on a mountain bike. 

Right Is Rear, And Left Is Front

A woman standing in front of a bicycle

Most of the bike comes with two sets of gears. When you are just the right one, the bike will go on the rear side. When you adjust the left one, the bike will move in the front. The rear cogs will move together to form the cassette, and once you know how the gear works, it will be easier for you to move the bike. 

Don’t Ever Cross The Chain- Women’s Bicycle Gear

If you want to continue on one chainring, you have to keep on shifting the gears. But it is crucial to avoid the opposite ends so that the bike does not go out of control. You need to avoid the problem using the smallest cogs so that there is no deformation in the bike. Initially, it won’t be a problem, but over time the gear will wear and tear. 

Riding Up The Hill

When you are moving up the hill, you have to start shifting the gears right in the beginning. Otherwise, you will go down before completing the journey. Do not make pedalling difficult for you; otherwise, you might have to get off and walk with your bike. Even if it is a steep hill, it should not be a problem two ride up the hill. 

Do Not Shift Too Much.

No matter whether you are going up or down the hill, do not shift very quickly. Otherwise, the gear might get damaged, and the bike might stop midway. Also, you would not want to have greasy fingers and shifting the gears will pull the chain out. With more practice on bicycle riding, you will understand when to stop the gear. Let different systems respond differently to understand the sensitivity of the bikes. 


Now that you know how you can use the women’s bicycle gear, here are the tips that you can follow. Just remember to practice more and more so that you know the correct time to shift and adjust them. What are you waiting for?

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